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Friday, September 16 2011

Battlefield 3 Screenshots  by Craig D at 12:28

Here's a large batch of Battlefield 3 screenshots, they all seem to be from the trailers we've seen recently with thee addition of a few co-op screens.

BF3 ships at the end of October on PC, 360 and PS3 with a beta due at some point this month.
Battlefield 3, battlefield_3___sp___operation_guillotine___01.jpg Battlefield 3, battlefield_3___sp___operation_guillotine___02.jpg Battlefield 3, w_bf3___co_op___exfiltration___gamescom_01.jpg Battlefield 3, bf3___co_op___exfiltration___gamescom_02.jpg Battlefield 3, a_bf3___co_op___exfiltration___gamescom_03.jpg
Battlefield 3, bf3___mp___caspian_border___gamescom_01.jpg Battlefield 3, n_bf3___mp___caspian_border___gamescom_02.jpg Battlefield 3, bf3___mp___caspian_border___gamescom_05.jpg Battlefield 3, bf3___mp___caspian_border___gamescom_08.jpg Battlefield 3, bf3___mp___caspian_border___gamescom_12.jpg
Battlefield 3, bf3___mp____caspian_border__gamescom_07.jpg Battlefield 3, bf3___mp____caspian_border___gamescom_03.jpg Battlefield 3, bf3___mp____caspian_border___gamescom_04.jpg Battlefield 3, bf3___mp____caspian_border___gamescom_05.jpg Battlefield 3, bf3___mp____caspian_border___gamescom_06.jpg
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