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Friday, March 25 2005

Counter-Strike : Source Update  by Shane L at 07:48

Missed this yesterday but there is an update for CSS to fix a bit of a funny hack thats out there at the moment.

I was on the Internode servers (de_piranesi) and found a speed-hacking player spitting out hundreds of skulls and various lightsources. Normally I just connect to another server when I see a hack, but this was just too amusing to ignore! I haven't seen a server get owned so badly, with everyone's framerates dropping due to the sheer amount of eyecandy produced.

Just restart Steam for the changes to take affect.
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25 March 2005 11:03
Entertainment on a CS Source server? Surely not.
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28 March 2005 10:47
U fool have you ever heard of rolling the dice or admin mods he might not be a hacker
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28 March 2005 10:52
Well if Valve released a fix for it, that suggests it as a hack. Doesn't it?

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