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Monday, April 18 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots  by Craig D at 11:30

Here's a set of Duke Nukem Forever screenshots to start the week off. Duke's long awaited return is now just less than 2 months away.
Duke Nukem Forever, cycloid12.jpg Duke Nukem Forever, dnf_vegas_1.jpg Duke Nukem Forever, dnf_vegas_2.jpg Duke Nukem Forever, dnf_vegas_3.jpg Duke Nukem Forever, dnf_vegas_4.jpg
Duke Nukem Forever, dnf_vegas_5.jpg Duke Nukem Forever, dnf_vegas_6.jpg Duke Nukem Forever, dnf_vegas_7.jpg Duke Nukem Forever, menu_9.jpg Duke Nukem Forever, monster_truck_version4.jpg
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18 April 2011 18:40
Played it a bit at Gadget show live, looks pretty, plays like you would expect, nothing amazing though.

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