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Tuesday, April 12 2011

Battlefield 3 12 Min Trailer needs to be Liked  by Craig D at 17:04

If you'd like to 'unlock' the full 12 minute Battlefield 3 trailer we've been promised then you'll all need to go and 'Like' Battlefield on Facebook. About half way to the required 1 million likes at present it seems.
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Posts: 6957
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16 April 2011 22:02
Full trailer now on youtube.. even before 1 million likes...

Posts: 6957
Post rank 5 out of 5
16 April 2011 22:15
well, waste of time waiting for that, it's all 3 fault-line trailers pasted together and **** all else.
Posts: 2826
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17 April 2011 01:44
There's still some extra stuff in it, the earthquake at the end looks awesome with the road all cracking and the building coming down. The bit at the very end showing the tank battles and the jets looks awesome

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