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Thursday, March 17 2011

Anarchy Reigns 'Blacker Baron' Reveal  by Craig D at 15:44

Another character reveal for PaltinumGames' upcoming console brawler Anarchy Reigns, this time we meet Blacker Baron who looks like an extremely mean version of Huggy Bear from 70's TV show Starsky and Hutch.

Name Blacker Baron
Age 37
Height 2.05m / 6’7"
Weight 256kg / 564lbs
Species Cyborg
"Super Sexy Fists of Fire", Burning fists acquired via nefarious means. According to the Baron, the phoenix relief on them is "too money for the honeys."
Anarchy Reigns, 22667baron_1_screen.jpg Anarchy Reigns, 22668baron_2_screen.jpg Anarchy Reigns, 22669ana110214_baron01.jpg Anarchy Reigns, 22670ana110214_baron02.jpg
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