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Monday, February 28 2011

Black Prophecy 'Open Beta' Screenshots  by Craig D at 21:25

Here's a few new Black Prophecy screenshots that come along with news that the game is now entering an open beta for European players. Closed beta testing continues in North America though.

The new open beta client will include many new and updated features that were not available before: controls have been made more intuitive and allow the direction one is shooting in to be determined independently from the direction of the ship. Weapons have been examined carefully and their damage output has been rebalanced. The level cap has been raised to level 40 and new content has been added. A change log of all the new features can be found in the official forum.

All planned features, such as modular ship-building, the skill system, exciting single-player, group, clan and PvP missions as well as the innovative clan stations have been fully implemented. A special highlight is the voiced dialogue spoken by professional voice actors and accompanied by an orchestral soundtrack.

Black Prophecy offers breath-taking real-time battles in a variety of space settings, all set in a world with a rich background story penned by the science fiction author Michael Marrak. Enthralling PvP battles that can be fought alone or with a group as well as countless options for customizing spaceships, including by crafting, guarantee fun for a long time to come.
Black Prophecy, screenshot_101115_174303_tagged.jpg Black Prophecy, screenshot_101116_103541_tagged.jpg Black Prophecy, screenshot_101116_130650_tagged.jpg Black Prophecy, screenshot_101116_133614_tagged.jpg
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