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Thursday, February 03 2011

Anarchy Reigns 'Sasha' and 'Big Bull' Screenshots  by Craig D at 17:25

These four new Anarchy Reigns screenshots feature the characters of Sasha and Big Bull in PlatinumGames' upcoming brawler.

Name Sasha
Age 24
Height 1.71 meters / 5’6"
Weight 53 kg. / 117 lbs.
Species Human (Wears special nanomachine-equipped suit fitted with long range weaponry)
Snow Spikes: Six long-range spikes are deployed from the back-mounted main unit and instantly form ice coated blades.

Name Big Bull
Age 4 (Years since brain transfer. Biological age at transfer: 31)
Height 2.88 meters / 9’4"
Weight 1300 kg. / 2866 lbs.
Species Cybrid (Brain is only remaining organic tissue)
Jet Hammer: By releasing the safety locks restraining the Bull suit’s propulsion system, the engine becomes a giant hammer.
Anarchy Reigns, 22378sasha_screenshot_001.jpg Anarchy Reigns, 22379sasha_screenshot_002.jpg Anarchy Reigns, 22380big_bull_screenshot_001.jpg Anarchy Reigns, 22381big_bull_screenshot_002.jpg
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