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Thursday, December 16 2010

Bloodline Champions Open Beta Begins  by Craig D at 14:30

Funcom and Stunlock Studios have today announced that their upcoming player vs. player arena game has now left closed beta and an open beta has now begun, you can join in the fun now at bloodlinechampions.com whilst the finished free to play game is expected the launch in mid January.

"Bringing the game out of closed beta and into open beta is very exciting," says Tau Petersson, CEO of Stunlock Studios. "We have been very fortunate to have had so many players testing the game through closed beta, and we are looking forward to a wave of new players coming in to help us perfect the game before launch in mid-January. As developers we are thrilled to see the great support we have received from our players, and we look forward to supporting our players through the open beta and far beyond launch."

'Bloodline Champions’ sees players charging into battle using any of the game’s 20 different bloodlines, each with their own unique powers. Through a variety of quick, but intense battles players must defeat the other team by skillfully using their bloodline’s abilities while at the same time trying to predict their opponent’s moves.

"’Bloodline Champions’ has already established itself as a fantastic game with a huge potential," says VP of Sales and Marketing at Funcom, Morten Larssen. "Over 200,000 players have played and enjoyed the beta, and we’re thrilled to now let everyone find out what makes 'Bloodline Champions’ such a great experience. Stunlock have developed a wonderful game with endless potential, and we’re excited to continue working with them in the future."
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