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Monday, November 08 2010

Battlestar Galactica Online Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:54

Here's three Battlestar Galactica Online screenshots from the closed beta or Artplant's browser based MMOG, which has now begun. The games publisher Bigpoint promises to increase the number of closed beta testers daily until the open beta begins in December.

If you fancy giving it a go you can visit beta.battlestar-galactica.bigpoint.com and sign up now.
Battlestar Galactica Online, closed_beta___cylon___approved.jpg Battlestar Galactica Online, closed_beta___human___approved.jpg Battlestar Galactica Online, closed_beta___pvp___approved.jpg
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08 November 2010 16:12
I don't do MMOs, but I might give this one the benefit of the doubt and sign up. Mostly because BSG is awesome on just about every level.

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