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Friday, September 03 2010

Bloody Good Time Revealed  by Craig D at 11:17

Here's a set of Bloody Good Time teaser posters along with a teaser trailer for Outerlight's slightly odd sounding first person shooter which is set on various Hollywood movie sets. Bloody Good Time uses Valve's Source engine and is coming to the PC and Xbox 360 (via Live Arcade) at the end of this October.

In Bloody Good Time, players can be as devious as possible by maiming and killing other competitors in nasty and unexpected ways. Players can use an arsenal of wacky weapons including guns, a frying pan and even an exploding remote-controlled rat to transform the movie set into real mayhem. In addition, players will be able to choose from a variety of stereotypical B-movie characters, such as the bikini beach babe, the creepy clown and the super jock.
Bloody Good Time, midrez_affiche_clown.jpg Bloody Good Time, midrez_affiche_goth.jpg Bloody Good Time, midrez_affiche_showgirl_02.jpg Bloody Good Time, midrez_affiche_surfer.jpg

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