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Wednesday, May 05 2010

Demon's Souls Screenshots  by Craig D at 12:40

A further ten Demon's Souls screenshots now, From Software's hardcore RPG is coming to the Playstation 3 at the end of June.
Demon's Souls, 27621bloodstain1.jpg Demon's Souls, 27622bloodstain2.jpg Demon's Souls, 27623bloodstain5.jpg Demon's Souls, 27624coop1_new.jpg Demon's Souls, 27625coop2_new.jpg
Demon's Souls, 27626coop4_new.jpg Demon's Souls, 27627hint1.jpg Demon's Souls, 27628hint2.jpg Demon's Souls, 27629hint3.jpg Demon's Souls, 27630hint4.jpg
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