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Friday, April 30 2010

APB Dated & Pre-order Bonuses Revealed  by Craig D at 14:28

These few All Points Bulletin (APB) screenshots show off some of the pre-order items for Realtime World's much anticipated open-world, crime-ridden MMOG. The game itself has now been officially dated and is due on July 1st in Europe and a few days earlier in North America. The accompanying trailer shows off the European 'exclusive' pre-order package.

David Jones, Creative Director of Realtime Worlds said: "We’re delighted to finally be announcing the release date for APB, and we’re looking forward to welcoming players on to the mean streets of San Paro. Gamers will soon get to experience a world of unparalleled customization, conflict and celebrity – whether they choose to be a Criminal or an Enforcer."
All Points Bulletin (APB), chicken_emote.jpg All Points Bulletin (APB), criminal_car.jpg All Points Bulletin (APB), criminal_outfit.jpg All Points Bulletin (APB), csa_outfit.jpg All Points Bulletin (APB), enforcer_car.jpg
All Points Bulletin (APB), pioneer_decal.jpg All Points Bulletin (APB), strike_a_pose_emote.jpg  
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30 April 2010 14:33
Should probably add this bit....

Gamers can purchase a retail version of APB either in-store or via digital download at standard retail price of SRP £34.99. The game includes 50 hours of action gameplay out of the box plus unlimited time in APB's social districts customizing, socializing and trading in the marketplace. Once the 50-hours are up, players have flexibility: top up their game time from as little as SRP £5.59 for an additional 20 hours, or opt to purchase a 30-day unlimited package for only SRP £7.99 with discounts available for 90 and 180 days. In addition to this flexible payment model, players can also earn game time by actually playing the game. APB provides avenues for accomplished gamers or creators to earn rewards for their creativity and subsidize their ongoing costs with their in-game efforts.
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05 May 2010 10:59
Stupid NDA.. grr

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