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Tuesday, April 20 2010

Alpha Protocol Screenshots & Character Trailers  by Craig D at 20:03

Here's a set of Alpha Protocol screenshots and a pair of character trailers which show Grigori and Sie in Obsidian Entertaiment's upcoming spy themed RPG.
Alpha Protocol, 16313ap_screenshot_mar09_01.jpg Alpha Protocol, 16314ap_screenshot_mar09_10.jpg Alpha Protocol, 16315ap_screenshot_mar09_11.jpg Alpha Protocol, 16316ap_screenshot_mar09_12.jpg Alpha Protocol, 16317ap_screenshot_mar09_15.jpg
Alpha Protocol, 16985ap_screenshot_may_25_02.jpg Alpha Protocol, 16986ap_screenshot_may_25_04.jpg Alpha Protocol, 16987ap_screenshot_may_25_08.jpg Alpha Protocol, 16988ap_screenshot_may_25_10.jpg Alpha Protocol, 17945ap_beast_images_072309_0003.jpg
Alpha Protocol, 17946ap_screenshot_20090715_07.jpg Alpha Protocol, 17947ap_screenshot_20090803_05.jpg Alpha Protocol, 17948ap_screenshot_20090803_15.jpg Alpha Protocol, 17949ap_screenshot_20090807_03.jpg Alpha Protocol, 20119ap_screenshot_01.jpg
Alpha Protocol, 20120ap_screenshot_02.jpg Alpha Protocol, 20121ap_screenshot_03.jpg Alpha Protocol, 20122ap_screenshot_04.jpg Alpha Protocol, 20123ap_screenshot_05.jpg Alpha Protocol, 20124ap_screenshot_06.jpg

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