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Wednesday, February 24 2010

Dawn of War II Chaos Rising Unit Feature  by Craig D at 13:28

Here's a Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising trailer which shows off the units that will be added to everyone's Dawn of War II armies for free as Chaos Rising arrives, apparently they'll be required if you are to have any chance in battle with the armies of Chaos.

Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising is due in stores on March 12th.
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24 February 2010 23:44
Looks ace, nice of the to balance the game like that for those who don't get the expansion, tho i will be getting it when it does come out.
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24 February 2010 23:53
I got DoW II in the THQ pack sale on steam, didn't like it to start with but ended up finishing it in 3-4 days, couldn't stop playing till I was done.

Definitely gonna get this too

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