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Wednesday, February 03 2010

Bioshock 2 Launch Trailer  by Craig D at 13:03

Here's the Bioshock 2 launch trailer, a pretty awesome 3 minute plus CGI movie featuring a Little Sister,a Big Daddy and all sorts of other stuff. Bioshock 2 begins shipping on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 next Tuesday in North America.
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Posts: 1971
Post rank 4 out of 5
03 February 2010 20:36
Definitely gonna give this a miss. The original had be bored to tears, but I played it to the end regardless.
Posts: 6957
Post rank 5 out of 5
04 February 2010 01:17
I didn't even get that far
Posts: 753
Post rank 3 out of 5
04 February 2010 11:58
I loved the first one, completed it twice. Got this one shipped yesterday, hopefully have it by the weekend.

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