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Friday, January 29 2010

DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution Screenshots & Pre-Order Bonus  by Craig D at 00:14

Here's a set of DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution screenshots come along with news of the pre-order bonus content as detailed below.

The "Jack Pack" features vice cop Jack Slate skinned in GAC (Grant City Anti-Crime) armor which offers an increased health boost. The pack also includes the explosive "action mode" where all shots fired go off with an extra powerful big bang.

The "Shadow Pack" features canine companion Shadow in an invisible predator style "skin" which reduces detection when stalking enemies with his stealth move. This pack also offers the visually striking "noir mode" where all on-screen graphics display in black, white and dramatic blood red, further immersing players in the deep noir themes of the game.
DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26759actionmode_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26760jack_gac.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26761noirmode_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26762shadow_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26763disarm1_copy.jpg
DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26764shadow_jack2_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26765shadow1_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26766shadow2_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26767shadow3_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26768shadow5_copy.jpg
DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26769shotguntakedown1_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26770shotguntakedown2_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26771shotguntakedown3_copy.jpg DEAD TO RIGHTS: Retribution, dead_to_rights_retribution_ps3screenshots26772shotguntakedown4_copy.jpg  
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