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Thursday, January 21 2010

Napoleon: Total War 'Multiplayer Campaign' Screenshots  by Craig D at 13:19

These Napoleon: Total War screenshots show off the new 'Campaign Multiplayer' mode, a mode which has been pioneered in the still running beta in Empire: Total War.

This much-requested mode will allow players to experience the full depth of Napoleon: Total War in a multiplayer environment – either working to stop Napoleon’s advance, or competing against each other to better his achievements. Each of the three theatres of war from Napoleon’s career - Italy, Egypt and Europe - are available out of the box in 2 player turn-based online games.

Another exciting multiplayer option has been added to Napoleon: Total War – Drop-in Battles. When starting a Single Player Campaign in Napoleon: Total War, players are presented with an option to allow Drop-in Battles. Drop-in battles bring a fresh challenge to the single player campaign mode by allowing the players opponents to be controlled in real-time by an online adversary.

Napoleon: Total War is due towards the end of February.
Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots19805campaignhost_dropdown.jpg Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots19806dropinbattles.jpg Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots19807mpcampaign_ingame.jpg Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots19808mpcampaign_ingame_2.jpg Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots19809mpcampaign_lobby.jpg
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