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Thursday, December 17 2009

Star Trek Online Klingon Screenshots & Zach Quinto Trailer  by Craig D at 17:48

Here's a new set of Star Trek Online screenshots that all show the Klingon side of the game.

And also while we're on the subject of Star Trek Online here's a trailer featuring Zach Quinto who played Spock in the new Star Trek movie doing some voice over work for the game, he would appear to be voicing an emergency medical hologram as well as perhaps a few other characters.
Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26494sto_screen_klingon_121509_01.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26495sto_screen_klingon_121509_02.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26496sto_screen_klingon_121509_03.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26497sto_screen_klingon_121509_04.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26498sto_screen_klingon_121509_05.jpg
Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26499sto_screen_klingon_121509_06.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26500sto_screen_klingon_121509_07.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26501sto_screen_klingon_121509_08.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26502sto_screen_klingon_121509_09.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26503sto_screen_klingon_121509_10.jpg
Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26504sto_screen_klingon_121509_11.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26505sto_screen_klingon_121509_12.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26506sto_screen_klingon_121509_13.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26507sto_screen_klingon_121509_14.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26508sto_screen_klingon_121509_15.jpg
Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26509sto_screen_klingon_121509_16.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26510sto_screen_klingon_121509_17.jpg Star Trek Online, star_trek_online_pcscreenshots26511sto_screen_klingon_121509_18.jpg  
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