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Friday, December 11 2009

ArmA II 'Eagle Wing' Trailer and Screenshots  by Craig D at 14:48

Here's a few ArmA II screenshots along with a trailer that shows off the free content pack titled 'Eagle Wing' that Bohemia Interactive will give away with the upcoming 1.05 patch.

"Eagle Wing" featuring the new AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. The "Eagle Wing" mini-campaign expands upon one of the seven unique endings of the original ARMA 2 over two extensive new levels; It's the year 2012, the war in Chernarus has overgrown into a conflict between the USA and the Russian Federation. The player finds themselves caught in the middle of an escalating conflict. As a pilot of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, the player's task seems easy - to get behind enemy lines and attack. However the situation is about to change rapidly...
ArmA II, arma2_patch_1_05_ingame_screenshot_1.jpg ArmA II, arma2_patch_1_05_ingame_screenshot_2.jpg ArmA II, arma2_patch_1_05_ingame_screenshot_3.jpg ArmA II, arma2_patch_1_05_ingame_screenshot_4.jpg
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11 December 2009 15:23
better than op flash 2 maybe?
Posts: 2696
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11 December 2009 17:42
Far too much running from checkpoint to checkpoint in op flash 2.

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