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Wednesday, December 02 2009

Dante’s Inferno Demo Dated  by Craig D at 10:41

EA and Visceral Games have today revealed that the demo of their upcoming good vs evil action title is on it's way, the PS3 version can be expected on the PlayStation Network on December 10th with the Xbox 360 version due on December 24th. The finished game is expected on European store shelves on February 5th.

Dante’s Inferno takes gamers on a quest through hell, in an action-packed adaptation of part one of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem, The Divine Comedy. The 'Gates of Hell’ demo includes the entire opening level and gives gamers a taste of the terrifying odyssey to come in the Nine Circles of Hell as depicted in the full game.

In the demo of Dante’s Inferno, players are introduced to Dante Alighieri’s re-imagined past as a crusader who returns home to Florence to discover his true love, Beatrice, murdered. As her soul escapes her body, she is kidnapped by the dark shadow form of Lucifer. Sworn to her rescue, Dante must journey to the Gates of Hell and beyond to battle undead monstrosities, unholy boss demons, and Death himself. Offering a glimpse into the vast world of Dante’s Inferno, the demo serves as a prelude to the player’s perilous journey to the inner bowels of hell.

"The world of Alighieri’s Dante’s Inferno is such a rich, detailed, and often alarming universe, that all of us at Visceral Games put our hearts, and dare I say souls, into creating something truly intense and exciting," said executive producer Jonathan Knight. "We hope gamers enjoy this tease of hell, and come away from the experience lusting for more when the game comes out on February 5."
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