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Friday, November 20 2009

Napoleon: Total War Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:03

Here's five more Napoleon: Total War screenshots. Creative Assembly's strategy series continues into the Napoleonic era this coming February.
Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots18925campaign_italian_valley.jpg Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots18926crossing_the_bridge.jpg Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots18927egyptian_sunset.jpg Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots18928rushing_the_cannon.jpg Napoleon: Total War, napoleon__total_war_pcscreenshots18929russian_officer.jpg
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Posts: 2696
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20 November 2009 19:33
Wow I didn't even know this game is in the works, think I will wait for this rather than get Empire Total War as that is meant to be a bit of a let down.
Posts: 530
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21 November 2009 08:50
I hope you can play as Lord Nelson, who wants to be that defeated Frenchman?

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