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Wednesday, September 30 2009

DC Universe Online 'Green Arrow' Screenshots  by Craig D at 09:51

Here's a set of DC Universe Online screenshots featuring the Green Arrow. Not a character I've seen much of before to be honest. Sony Online Entertainment's on-line action title is coming to both PS3 and PC.
DC Universe Online, dc_scr_icnact_metropolis_001_rev2.jpg DC Universe Online, dc_scr_icnact_metropolis_003_rev1.jpg DC Universe Online, dc_scr_icnact_metropolis_004_rev2.jpg DC Universe Online, dc_scr_icnact_metropolis_007_rev1.jpg DC Universe Online, dc_scr_icnpose_metropolis_001_rev1.jpg
DC Universe Online, dc_scr_icnpose_metropolis_002_rev3.jpg  
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