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Thursday, August 20 2009

Borderlands Screenshots  by Craig D at 14:52

Here's the GamesCom Borderlands screenshots. Gearbox's open world RPG/Shooter title is due in October.
Borderlands, gamescom_1.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_10.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_11.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_12.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_13.jpg
Borderlands, gamescom_14.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_15.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_2.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_3.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_4.jpg
Borderlands, gamescom_5.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_6.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_7.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_8.jpg Borderlands, gamescom_9.jpg
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