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Wednesday, July 15 2009

Aion 'Spiritmaster' Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:47

Here's a few Aion screenshots that show the Spiritmaster Mage class in NCsoft's upcoming fantasy MMORPG.

The Spiritmaster’s chief responsibility is to summon and control elemental spirits, powerful forms of nature incarnate, in the midst of battle. Spiritmasters use the power of the Spirits to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies, and have the capability of harnessing fierce pets to turn the tide in combat. While they make deadly opponents in long-rage encounters, Spiritmasters lack the physical strength of other classes. The path of the Spiritmaster is one of the more testing paths to journey in Aion.
Aion, aion_mage_spiritmaster_01.jpg Aion, aion_mage_spiritmaster_02.jpg Aion, aion_mage_spiritmaster_03.jpg Aion, aion_mage_spiritmaster_04.jpg
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