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Wednesday, July 08 2009

Aion Class Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:58

Here's another set of Aion screenshots, these show some of the classes in NCsoft's upcomgin fantasy MMORPG; The Templar, The Gladiator, The Ranger and The Assassin.

The Templar
Templars are brave souls who must hold the frontline, using their shields to block and parry attacks while waiting for a weakness to show itself before retaliating. Templars become more powerful when struck; they can only reveal their full potential when they are in the midst of combat.

The Gladiator
Gladiators are the true melee masters of Atreia; vicious and beastly - constantly training to perfect the various fighting styles their class excels in. Much like the Warrior class that they emerged from, a Gladiator’s power comes from sheer, brutal strength - to see one of these behemoths in combat is a truly awe-inspiring sight.

The Ranger
Rangers are experienced Scouts who have shunned the idea of working within a regular military unit, choosing instead to work alone or in specialist teams. They are solitary figures with finely honed survival instincts and the ability to endure even in the harshest of environments. Regarding their weaponry, Rangers are expert archers, and can set traps in anticipation of an oncoming enemy. Trained in the use of daggers, so are able to engage in combat regardless of the enemy’s proximity.

The Assassin
Assassins are a mysterious class. It is clear that these men and women are valuable characters indeed, able to strike silently and with devastating consequences at vulnerable targets, effectively bringing down whole groups with a single action. Whispers and rumor say they follow no god, and instead follow the star of death for instruction. Assassins themselves are fairly weak, and when prematurely discovered, rarely survive the inevitable consequences.
Aion, aion_2009_04_30_16_25_51_71.jpg Aion, aion_2009_05_28_15_49_17_68.jpg Aion, aion_2009_05_29_12_00_07_65.jpg Aion, aion_2009_06_12_16_52_07_65.jpg Aion, aion_2009_06_24_12_04_02_78.jpg
Aion, aion_2009_06_24_12_27_03_28.jpg Aion, aion_2009_06_24_13_25_35_36.jpg Aion, aion_2009_06_24_13_49_01_51.jpg Aion, aion_2009_06_25_15_40_12_97.jpg Aion, aion_2009_06_25_16_44_53_72.jpg
Aion, aion_2009_06_25_17_17_52_95.jpg Aion, aion_2009_06_25_17_21_24_97.jpg  
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