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Tuesday, June 09 2009

Black Prophecy Screenshots  by Craig D at 13:23

Here's three more Black Prophecy screenshots. At present there's no news when a to when Reakktor Media' space action MMO is due for release.

On screenshot 001 you can see a Tyi fighter ship being chased by several combat drones of the mysterious alien race known as the "Restorers". Screenshot 002 shows a human shuttle bursting asunder in a huge explosion. And last but not least, screenshot 003 shows you a Tyi fighter going into close quarter combat with a Genide fighter within the remains of a demolished space station.
Black Prophecy, blackprophecy_screenshot_001.jpg Black Prophecy, blackprophecy_screenshot_002.jpg Black Prophecy, blackprophecy_screenshot_003.jpg
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