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Wednesday, May 27 2009

Champions Online Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:07

And here's another set of Champions Online screenshots. Cryptic Studios' next super hero themed MMORPG is to be published by Atari on PC and Xbox 360 this coming September.
Champions Online, champions_online_pcscreenshots24321co_screen_041609_48.jpg Champions Online, champions_online_pcscreenshots24322co_screen_041609_53.jpg Champions Online, champions_online_pcscreenshots24323co_screen_042409_10.jpg Champions Online, champions_online_pcscreenshots24324co_screen_042409_12.jpg Champions Online, champions_online_pcscreenshots24325co_screen_051509_05.jpg
Champions Online, champions_online_pcscreenshots24326co_screen_051509_07.jpg Champions Online, champions_online_pcscreenshots24327co_screen_051509_09.jpg  
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