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Tuesday, May 19 2009

ArmA II Screenshots  by Craig D at 08:59

Three more ArmA II screenshots arrived yesterday along with new that the games scheduled release has been moved forward by a week. ArmA II will now ship on June 19th.

Featuring the most realistic warfare gameplay ever, ArmA II promises to build on the excellent features that have made Bohemia Interactive a respected name among both gamers and the US army, who use a modified version to train recruits for combat situations. Team-based combat, a comprehensive playbook of military tactics and an enormous battlefield to explore are just some of the features that will make this THE military simulation of choice this year.
ArmA II, arma2_ingame_screen_0509_01.jpg ArmA II, arma2_ingame_screen_0509_02.jpg ArmA II, arma2_ingame_screen_0509_11.jpg
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