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Wednesday, April 22 2009

Damnation Screenshots  by Craig D at 14:33

Here's the latest set of Damnation screenshots taht were released along with a new developer diary trailer which can be seen on the official site. The movie titled 'It’s all About the Moves' shows ways in which you can navigate around in Blue Omega's action title using 'a plethora of acrobatic moves'.

Damnation is due on May 22nd for PC, 360 and PS3.
Damnation, damngame_2009_04_08_15_54_48_40.jpg Damnation, damngame_2009_04_09_10_14_24_90.jpg Damnation, damngame_2009_04_09_10_31_27_54.jpg Damnation, damngame_2009_04_09_11_03_50_85.jpg Damnation, damngame_2009_04_09_11_30_58_24.jpg
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