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Friday, April 17 2009

Battlestations: Pacific 'Polly Rae' Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:31

This latest set of Battlestations: Pacific screenshots show art that can be used on the nose of you aircraft in Eidos' upcoming combat air sequel. This particualr set show Miss Polly Rae, award-winning burlesque artist. Battlestations: Pacific is due on May 15th for both PC and Xbox 360.

A leading light on the UK burlesque scene, Rae is the founder and front woman of Britain’s leading, award-winning troupe, 'Hurly Burly’ and will be available as one of the many pieces of nose art to decorate your in-game US aircraft, taking forces’ sweethearts into the thick of battle.

Rae has worked regularly for Agent Provocateur and appeared on the cover of Time Out and The Stage, as well as several advertising campaigns and appears regularly on British television.
Battlestations: Pacific, bsp.jpg Battlestations: Pacific, bsp_mpr_nodistress.jpg Battlestations: Pacific, polly_rae.jpg Battlestations: Pacific, polly_rae_13.jpg Battlestations: Pacific, polly_rae_3.jpg
Battlestations: Pacific, polly_rae_6.jpg  
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