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Tuesday, April 14 2009

Damnation 'Levels & Environments' Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:35

Here's a few more Damnation screenshotswhich show off 'Levels & Environments' in Blue Omega's upcoming shooter. Damnation is due in late May on PC, 360 and PS3.

"All the environments have multiple paths through them, giving players real freedom in deciding how to go about tackling the enemy," says Jacob Minkoff, Lead Game Designer. "Some will prefer to run straight at them with their trusty Railroad Spike Gun. Others would prefer to climb and leap right to the top, avoiding direct fire fights by sniping and raining down death from above."
Damnation, damngame_2009_04_03_11_56_26_04.jpg Damnation, damngame_2009_04_03_13_24_48_52.jpg Damnation, damngame_2009_04_03_14_21_49_77.jpg Damnation, damngame_2009_04_06_16_24_34_77.jpg
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