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Thursday, April 09 2009

Battlefield 2 1.50 Still Coming  by Craig D at 10:53

After what seems an age, cofnrmation that the 1.50 BF2 patch is still coming can be found on the EA forums today.

Firstly, sorry I have been away for so long, its been a busy time. So here as per request in a number of threads here is an update to where we are with 1.50.

* Yes its still coming
* We have been working on a few things to do with DRM as old versions of Battlefield 2 use an old version of SafeDisc
* We have had a number of last minute hacks appear which we have made fixes for to help stabalise the servers.
* We have a minor issue to solve with the Chinese version of the game.

While I can't give an exact date, we are aiming to release our first Beta towards the end of April '09 as long as everything else goes well.

Thanks BluesNews
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10 April 2009 14:30
Lots of exciting changes there!

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