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Monday, March 23 2009

Afro Samurai Screenshots  by Craig D at 22:11

Afro Samurai is due for release later this week and here's another set of screenshots. Namco Bandai's mix of hip-hop and Samurai action will apparently also be comign to both an animated series and the big screen where Samuel L. Jackson will play the lead character and co-produce.
Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_006.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_009.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_011.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_015.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_018.jpg
Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_022.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_024.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_028.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_030.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_033.jpg
Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_038.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_046.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_048.jpg  
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