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Monday, March 23 2009

Dark Fall: Lost Souls Announced  by Craig D at 11:46

Darkling Room today announced Dark Fall: Lost Souls, the third game in the Dark Fall series. The horror/adventure is again to be penned by Jonathan Boakes, the series creator and writer of The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure.

"It’s a guilty pleasure to drag gamers, kicking and screaming, back to the creepy train station and hotel, seen in the first Dark Fall game. It’s a desolate, derelict, dark location, in which disappearances and strange events are commonplace" says Jonathan, "This next instalment, known as Lost Souls, is going to offer up the creepiest atmosphere of the series... be warned, that old hotel knows your name, and is waiting for you this time round. Your room is prepared and ready."

The first four Dark Fall: Lost Souls screenshots can be found in the gallery and a brief description of each is below.

DF3: The Astronomer
It's been a long time since anyone gazed out, across the Dorset landscape, using Andrew's old telescope...but a memory remains. Someone, at some time, made a startling discovery using this old antique, perhaps you will do the same?

DF3: The Séance Room
Ackerman Zeus used many tricks to fool the gullible ghost-hunting tourists. The Ouija Board was a favourite; the eager eyes would watch, as the planchette moved, to spell out a name, a date or a long forgotten secret.

DF3: Derelict Bathroom
The Station Hotel was the talk of town, once, long ago. Now the place is in ruins; damp, dark and desolate. You are the new guest, the last guest. It is unlikely that you will ever leave.

DF3: The Hotel
A weary traveller, a couple on a romantic tryst, a secret rendezvous and a spy in hiding. They have all stayed in The Station Hotel. Checking in, but never checking out. The dead tell no tales, unless you have the nerve to ask...who knows who, or what, may be listening.
Dark Fall: Lost Souls, df3_derelict_bathroom.jpg Dark Fall: Lost Souls, df3_the_astronomer.jpg Dark Fall: Lost Souls, df3_the_hotel.jpg Dark Fall: Lost Souls, df3_the_seance_room.jpg
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