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Friday, March 06 2009

Afro Samurai Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:25

Here's a big bunch of Afro Samurai screenshots, some new and some a few weeks old but new to us. Namco Bandai's "fusion of hip hop and Japanese culture" is coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this Spring. Looks pretty violent to me.
Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_xbox_360screenshots2265210_100_200_165_image22.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_xbox_360screenshots22653afro004.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_xbox_360screenshots22654dtumacder_x360_image12.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_xbox_360screenshots22655dtumacder_x360_image15.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_xbox_360screenshots22656dtumacder_x360_image3.jpg
Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_xbox_360screenshots22657dtumacder_x360_image6.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_001.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_004.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_005.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_007.jpg
Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_008.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_016.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_017.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_019.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_020.jpg
Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_026.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_027.jpg Afro Samurai, afro_samurai_eu_029.jpg  
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