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Monday, November 24 2008

Dead Space Demo Incoming  by Craig D at 21:09

A demo of Electronic Arts' very popular action adventure title Dead Space is due tomorrow on both Xbox Live! and the Playstation Network for North American customers at least. Us Europeans will have to wait until Thursday.

Winner of over 27 critic awards and currently nominated for Best Action Adventure Game on Spike TV’s upcoming 2008 Video Game Awards on December 14th, gamers can experience a taste of, as GamePro magazine says, "...one of the best survival horror experiences ever created." Now, before experimenting on a turkey this Thanksgiving, you can tear the Necromorphs apart limb by limb with four different futuristic mining tools, and Isaac Clarke’s telekinesis and stasis abilities.
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25 November 2008 19:04
This is a awesome game, I recommend it to anyone !
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25 November 2008 19:12

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