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Friday, October 24 2008

Damnation Screenshots  by Craig D at 11:36

Here's a large batch of Damnation screenshots, these images are a mixture of single and multi-player levels. Blue Omega's 'vertical evolution of the shooter' is due later this winter on PC, 360 and PS3.

"Damnation’s multiplayer captures the feeling of freedom from the single player campaign and takes that experience into the online arena," commented Richard Gilbert, Producer, Blue Omega Entertainment. "The vertical twists to Damnation really add to the multiplayer experience; in Capture the Flag, if the flag’s at the bottom of the level, getting to it will be easy, but successfully getting it back up to your base will need some strategic thinking and help from your team mates of course. With attacks coming from all 3 dimensions, it becomes vitally important to use the environment to full effect. As a result, multiplayer combat stays fast, fresh and exciting at all times."

"We wanted players to feel the freedom of reaching places so many shooters just won’t go," commented Jacob Minkoff, Lead Designer, Blue Omega Entertainment. "Using Rourke’s incredibly cool acrobatic abilities, players can choose to climb up and rain down death from above, unseen, or simply go in, balls out and guns blazing, causing mayhem and destruction in intense close-quarters fire fights. This freedom of choice is all down to the intuitive navigation system. If you feel like you want to climb high up and attack from above, do it!"
Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008.jpg Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008__1_.jpg Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008__2_.jpg Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008__3_.jpg Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008__4_.jpg
Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008__5_.jpg Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008__6_.jpg Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008__7_.jpg Damnation, damnation_singleplayer_2008__8_.jpg Damnation, damnnation_multiplayer_2008.jpg
Damnation, damnnation_multiplayer_2008__1_.jpg Damnation, damnnation_multiplayer_2008__2_.jpg Damnation, damnnation_multiplayer_2008__3_.jpg Damnation, damnnation_multiplayer_2008__4_.jpg Damnation, damnnation_multiplayer_2008__5_.jpg
Damnation, damnnation_multiplayer_2008__6_.jpg  
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