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Wednesday, September 17 2008

Dark Horizon 'Customization' Screenshots  by Craig D at 17:46

Here's three Dark Horizon screenshots that show the ship customization screen in Paradox Interactive's imminent space combat title.

"There is a challenging balance dynamic that lies behind the ship customization; it revolves around the fact you can't create 'perfect’ ship. Each time you customize your ship, you have to take into account the purpose of the next mission and then chose appropriate tech kit," said Timur Lazarenko, Lead Programmer on Dark Horizon. "Depending on the exact customization of the ship, the player can pilot highly maneuverable fighters, try out a heavy-armored-bomber, or even opt for a hybrid style of play. With the game’s multitude of hulls, reactors, armor and shield systems, the customization options are endless."
Dark Horizon, dark_horizon_2008_09_10_14_43_34_17.jpg Dark Horizon, dark_horizon_2008_09_10_14_44_50_06.jpg Dark Horizon, dark_horizon_2008_09_10_14_45_20_23.jpg
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