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Friday, September 12 2008

Empire: Total War Screenshots  by Craig D at 23:57

These Empire: Total War screenshots aren't new but we missed them when they did appear a few weeks ago so you can have them now. Creative Assembly's PC RTS title is die in February next year.
Empire: Total War, empire__total_war_pcscreenshots15016empire_naval_shots_01.jpg Empire: Total War, empire__total_war_pcscreenshots15017empire_naval_shots_04.jpg Empire: Total War, empire__total_war_pcscreenshots15018empire_naval_shots_05.jpg Empire: Total War, empire__total_war_pcscreenshots15019empire_screenshot_land_01.jpg Empire: Total War, empire__total_war_pcscreenshots15020empire_screenshot_land_06.jpg
Empire: Total War, empire__total_war_pcscreenshots15021empire_screenshot_land_10.jpg  
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