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Thursday, September 11 2008

Mount & Blade Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:54

Four more Mount & Blade screenshots can be found in the gallery. This try to illustrate the skill based combat system in TaleWorlds Entertainment's now gold action RPG.

"What separates Mount & Blade from other action RPG’s is that that most RPG’s have more statistics-based combat, while we use skill-based combat," explained Armagan Yavuz, Lead Programmer of TaleWorlds Entertainment. "Even though the damage you do is influenced by the statistics of your character and his weapon, it is also based on physics formulas: the energy, speed and impact angle of the weapon. For example, if you are rapidly approaching your enemy while you’re mounted on a fast-moving horse, the damage will be much greater since the momentum of your horse is added to the speed of your weapon's swing."
Mount & Blade, battlea1.jpg Mount & Blade, character1.jpg Mount & Blade, location11.jpg Mount & Blade, personalities2.jpg
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