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Wednesday, August 20 2008

Tom Clancy's HAWX Screenshots  by Craig D at 23:47

A large set of Tom Clancy's HAWX screenshots now, UbiSoft's combat flight sim is due in the first quarter of 2009 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.
Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_action_gc_1.jpg Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_action_gc_3.jpg Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_action_gc_5.jpg Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_cockpit_rafalem_gc.jpg Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_cockpit_su_47_gc.jpg
Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_enviro_gc_3.jpg Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_enviro_gc_4.jpg Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_enviro_gc_7.jpg Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_tactical_map_1.jpg Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_tactical_map_3.jpg
Tom Clancy's HAWX, hawx_screen_tactical_map_6.jpg  
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Posts: 2826
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21 August 2008 04:00
Need ! This better come with some flightstick or something.
Posts: 6957
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21 August 2008 16:49
pity you've sold yer PC
Posts: 2826
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21 August 2008 17:26
well I was more meaning the ps3 version .. I hope it comes with a flightstick like Ace Combat did - except they didn't release the flightstick bundle in the UK.

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