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Tuesday, August 05 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company Conquest Mode Incoming  by Craig D at 11:27

EA and DiCE have announced that the conquest mode update for their console shooter Battlefield: Bad Company will be made available as a free update this coming Thursday, August 7th.

Made famous by Battlefield 1942TM, Conquest mode pits players against each other in a fast paced battle to eliminate the opposing team’s tickets. Players deplete their opponent’s tickets by one point per kill and can cause their opponent’s tickets to spiral downwards by capturing control points. Four maps that are currently available for online play in Gold Rush mode will be available to conquer with Conquest mode

Here's four conquest mode screenshots by way of a teaser.
Battlefield: Bad Company, x_image17.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company, x_image30.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company, x_image31.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company, x_image4.jpg
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05 August 2008 11:29
very surprised a BF title shipping without conquest mode tbh.
Posts: 2103
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05 August 2008 11:51
They always planed to do it, even from the beta it was ticketing on the loading screens that it was coming soon. nice to see its free, maybe i'll actually play MP now

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