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Tuesday, July 15 2008

Blitz: The League II Screenshots  by Craig D at 01:00

Last but not least for tonight is this bunch of Blitz: The League II screenshots. Midway's American football title is coming to 360 and PS3 this Autumn.
Blitz: The League II, blitz_the_league_ii___e3_ps3___xbox_360screenshots3224blitzii06.jpg Blitz: The League II, blitz_the_league_ii___e3_ps3___xbox_360screenshots3225blitzii02.jpg Blitz: The League II, blitz_the_league_ii___e3_ps3___xbox_360screenshots3226blitzii05.jpg Blitz: The League II, blitz_the_league_ii___e3_ps3___xbox_360screenshots3227blitzii04.jpg Blitz: The League II, blitz_the_league_ii___e3_ps3___xbox_360screenshots3228blitzii07.jpg
Blitz: The League II, blitz_the_league_ii___e3_ps3___xbox_360screenshots3229blitzii03.jpg  

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