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Friday, June 27 2008

Civilization Revolution Xbox 360 Review  by Craig D at 14:34

We set Craig loose on the Xbox 360 debut of Sid Meier's legendary strategy series Civilization Revolution this week, not quite knowing what to expect. Dumbed down console rubbish? Not a bit of it.

Trust me: this game loses NOTHING by going to console - and this is far from being a straight port. A whole new interface has been designed, complete with amazingly detailed 3d rendered advisors - the only downside is you go through that many menus while playing the game you rarely get chance to take these in, it's just a case of clicking and knocking them off the screen. But it doesn't get annoying, it adds to the atmosphere. Heck, I based my decision not to invade Russia on the sole basis that I thought the leader Catherine was hot. The pace is unrelenting though and I was quickly punished for not taking the initiative when the Red Army tanks rolled in.

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