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Thursday, June 26 2008

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Coming to Playstation 3  by Craig D at 15:01

Here's a new batch of Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel screenshots, these are specifically from the just revealed Playstation 3 version of Ascaron's RPG which wil also ship on PC and Xbox 360 this coming Autumn.

The PS3 version does seem to have a few extras, which is nice.

This version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will feature enhanced graphics, 5.1 Channel DolbyTM Surround Sound and support drop-in cooperative play, as well as other multiplayer gaming modes via the Internet. The game also features two-player shared-screen gaming on one console – players simply pick up a controller, press "Start" and join their friends. Players can save their characters and use them in all game modes – allowing the same character to be used both in single-player or multiplayer modes, accumulating experience and loot seamlessly. The controls and interface have been developed from scratch for the PLAYSTATION 3 to ensure fluid and intuitive game play optimized for the platform throughout.
Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, s2fa_ps3_seraphim_backslash.jpg Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, s2fa_ps3_seraphim_crystal_wasteland.jpg Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, s2fa_ps3_shadow_warrior_in_orc_fort.jpg Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, s2fa_ps3_shadow_warrior_power.jpg Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, s2fa_ps3_shadow_warrior_vs_kobolds.jpg
Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, sfa_ps3_high_elf_hilltop_village.jpg Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, sfa_ps3_shadow_warrior_axeman.jpg Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel, sfa_ps3_shadow_warrior_centurion.jpg  
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