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Tuesday, June 24 2008

Five Battlefield Titles in Development?  by Craig D at 20:17

Whilst mainly discussing Battlefield Heroes in a speech at Paris GDC, EA DICE Battlefield executive producer Ben Cousins let slip that they actually have five Battlefield franchise titles in production at the moment.

Assuming that Bad Company is one even though it's about to ship and Heroes is another, the other three are at present completely unknown.

"We've got five [Battlefield] titles in development, which is more than you'd expect," Cousins revealed, noting that the Battlefield Heroes project began after DICE visited Seoul, South Korea-based Neowiz in the summer of 2006, a firm in which EA purchased a 19 percent stake.

Thanks Next Generation
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24 June 2008 20:50
I'm hope the rumours of a BF2 style game to come to PC later this year are true
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24 June 2008 21:23
aye, I remember the frost bite DX from a while back , there maybe another 2142 add-on also you know how ea like to milk things , that would make 4.

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