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Monday, June 23 2008

BF2 is 3 and New Update Coming  by Craig D at 20:22

Battlefield 2 Logo The Battlefield site has today announced that the rumoured new Battlefield 2 patch is indeed coming, today being the third birthday of DICE's shooter seemed like a good day to confirm it I suppose.

Exactly what the patch will contain is anyone's guess but a new map or two would be nice.

With over 15 million player accounts being created since release, Battlefield 2 is still going strong. On the forums we often see discussions about whether there will ever be another update for the game. Well, today we are happy to announce that we are working on an update for Battlefield 2. We are planning to provide an open beta in the near future and we hope you’ll give us your feedback before final release; so watch out for that.
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