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Friday, June 06 2008

Plans for a Bioshock movie and third game releaved...  by Joe R at 12:20

Gamespot has reported that Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick has hinted at plans for a third title in the critically-acclaimed Bioshock series, which will coincide with a proposed film-adaptation.

The second instalment of the undersea shooter was revealed at a post-earnings conference call three months ago, and will be developed by Take-Two's newly formed 2K Marin studio.

In another post-earnings conference call just recently, Zelnick commented that the Gore Verbinski-headed theatrical release proposed last month would probably fall in line with a third title.

"It's unlikely that the picture would be released to coincide with BioShock 2, It would be more likely that it would be released coincidentally with BioShock 3."

"That also remains to be seen."

An exact release schedule is yet to be confirmed, as the Bioshock 2 isn't expected till around the last quarter of 2009, and platforms have yet to be confirmed. However, Zelnick did comment that the Bioshock franchise was "very important", and that an "every three-year release schedule" would be ideal.

Watch this space.
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06 June 2008 20:09
Hmm I enjoyed bioshock to start with, but then got very bored very quickly, and don't get me started on the crappy feeling weapons or the stupid anti piracy measures it uses.
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07 June 2008 13:14
I really enjoyed it. Completed it once and started going through it a second time.

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