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Friday, May 30 2008

Alone in the Dark Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:04

Here's another batch of Alone in the Dark screenshots, these are from ther Xbox 360 version of Eden's horror title, expect this to be available in late June.
Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots19785192_168_3_13_image15.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots19787192_168_3_13_image5.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots19788192_168_3_33_image3.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots19792vertigo_12.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots2005125thfloor01.jpg
Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots20053facade01.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots20054helicocrash01.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots20055metro01.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots20056parking.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots20062reception_01.jpg
Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots20171vertigo_03b.jpg Alone in the Dark, alone_in_the_dark_xbox_360screenshots20172vertigo_06.jpg  
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