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Wednesday, May 28 2008

BioShock Coming to PS3  by Craig D at 18:14

2K Games have today announced that they will be bringing the multi-award winning shooter BioShock to the Playstation 3 this coming October. Not that much of a surprise now is it, what's the bets that BioShock 2 also comes to PS3? Maybe even at launch?

"Since BioShock for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows won countless 2007 Game of the Year awards, we are excited to see the impact of this stellar title for the PLAYSTATION 3 system when it debuts this fall," said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "Over the coming months we look forward to revealing the new features and content that will make this a must-have game for its new audience, as well as for those who enjoyed it on the other platforms."
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Posts: 1971
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28 May 2008 19:55
Wonder if they hit the 'make it 100% more interesting' button on the 'ps3-quickie-port' machine. ;D
Posts: 6957
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28 May 2008 21:11
I still have only played about 30 mins, boring in my opinion too :/

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